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If you are undergoing the process of divorce, it is somehow expected that you already heard about mediation and, consequently, the need for mediation attorneys.

In Georgia, many counties are utilizing the publicly sponsored “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) program, which mediation is a part of. Mediation is being done not to force the couple to agree. It just simply provides a way for them to find their own solution prior to bringing their case before a judge.

Couples taking part in divorce mediation can address all the issues involved in their divorce. This will include child custody, child support, alimony, and the division of property and debts. However, although this takes part before the case was brought to the court, the need for a legal assistant is still undeniable.

If you are about to go into divorce mediation, a mediation attorney will prove helpful in organizing all your needed legal documents as well as in utilizing the law for your best interests. After all, the last thing you want from a failed marriage is an unfair post-divorce arrangement.

Now, to address all your concerns, call Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. on (678) 504-8411 and talk to our expert Georgia mediation attorneys.

Private and Court-Referred Mediation

Alpharetta Mediation Attorneys divorce attorney segment optimized 300x199During divorce mediation, they are given a chance to address all issues crucial to their divorce. Although they are not forced to agree with each other, they are encouraged to at least an agreement that will be best for their children according to the child support standards established by law in Georgia. Agreements on alimony and division of assets and debts can also be arranged during mediation.

Our knowledgeable mediation attorneys can legally assist you in reaching an agreement where you and your former spouse will be both satisfied. We try to accomplish this as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Moreover, there are two ways to deal with mediation in Georgia.

First is the private mediation. This type involves the hiring and paying of a private mediator to help in the resolution of disputes before an action is taken before the court. Any agreement that will come out of this mediation will be considered legal, with both of the parties’ signature appearing on the agreement document. If this agreement is broken, the document will be taken as a broken contract.

The second one is the court-referred mediation. This will begin after the divorce has been filed in the court, and the judge suggested mediation for the couple. Similarly, private and court-referred mediations can produce legally binding agreements where the court may enforce the terms whenever the contract is violated, or one of the spouses doesn’t follow the agreed conditions.

Successfully reaching an agreement during mediation will save divorcing couples the time, money, and emotional investment they would have spent on battling it out before the court. Hence, having an efficient mediation attorney to guide you along the whole process will make the mediation more beneficial for you as well as the other party.

Divorce After Mediation

Typically, a divorce case brought to the court will take about 12-18 months to be finalized. However, if mediation was chosen as an alternative, the divorce can be finalized in as early as three months.

Once the judge approves the final papers and agreement resulting from the mediation, he/she will already go over your divorce judgment in 30 days. If neither you nor your spouse will request for modification of the agreement during this time, the divorce will then enter the nisi period, which will last for 120 days if the divorce is uncontested. This period is intended for the couple to think things over. After the nisi period, the divorce will automatically be finalized.

If you want to make the divorce process easier, hiring an experienced mediator attorney is highly recommended. Divorce is especially hard due to the details you need to iron out with the terms and conditions associated with the divorce. Yet, with the legal service of an experienced mediator attorney, all these will be taken care of professionally and efficiently.

Hiring Mediation Attorneys

Massachusetts Personal Injury LawyerAlthough mediation processes are mostly straightforward and the rules can be easily understood, certain circumstances will still demand the expertise of a legal representative.

Hiring a mediation attorney—someone who completely understands the issue, the process, and the law involved in the whole legal matter—will save you from making erroneous decisions that will be bad for you, your finances, and other life aspects.

In circumstances where property rights are involved in the divorce discussion, it is especially important to consult a mediation attorney. This is just one example of situations where legal assistance is necessary.

Mediation attorneys will help you in making the best decisions during the mediation process. Asking for their approval for every term in the agreement that will be processed during the mediation will ensure that you agree to legal matters that best benefit you.

When hiring a mediation attorney, do the following:

  • Find a mediation attorney who supports mediation.
  • Decide if you want legal assistance throughout the mediation process or if you’re after an initial consultation.
  • Make it clear to the attorney that you want him/her to understand and support the mediation process.
  • Make your mediation attorney review all written agreements made during mediation before you sign anything.
  • Be sure you fully comprehend the mediation attorney’s fees before making the hire.
  • After determining all the answers to the abovementioned guidelines, our mediation attorneys are here to hear you out and legally assist you in ways you won’t waste money on.

We Can Serve You Best

Our mediation attorneys here at Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. have extensive experience giving counsel during the mediation process. We will always make sure to protect your rights and your best interests under the established law of Georgia.

Once you hire us, you can rest assured that we will proactively resolve your case through the most efficient manner there is. We are committed to resolving your legal concerns without additional drama and complications other than what’s innate in all divorce and mediation processes.

We have the best mediation attorneys in Georgia who can serve you with commendable passion and dedication.

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