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Proceeding with an annulment case is a big deal for anyone. Consequently, so should be the act of finding a good and dependable annulment attorney to help you with it.

In North Metro, an annulment is defined as a judicial order to treat the marriage in question as void or invalid from the day it transpired. Some people will prefer this over divorce for various reasons, including religious beliefs, avoidance of stigma, fraud or misrepresentation, and elimination of information that are only relevant in a divorce (e.g., alimony, property division).

Once your annulment is final, your marriage is then treated as if it never existed in the first place. This means that there are no marital rights in need of consideration. Neither you nor your former spouse will be required to pay spousal support, and there will also be no division of property. If you need clarification on this matter prior to filing for an annulment, it is advisable to talk to an expert annulment attorney now.

Annulment, just like a divorce, can only be granted by the Superior Courts of Georgia. The process of initiating an annulment action is similar to that of divorce. However, annulment and divorce actions have one major distinction. Unlike in a divorce, if the defendant in the annulment action fails to answer or contest the annulment after 30 days of being served with the petition and summons, a court can immediately grant the annulment without conducting any hearing.

If you wish to file an annulment or contest the action, you must hire the best annulment attorney. Legal guidance during this process will prove invaluable to achieve the results that you want.

A failed relationship is hard enough. Do not make its legal aftermath any harder.

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Grounds for Annulment

collaborative divorceThe law of Georgia has established a list of acceptable grounds for annulment that is to be strictly applied at all times. A marriage can only be annulled if a spouse can prove any of the following:

  • The marriage was obtained through fraud or deceit. Examples of this are:
    • A spouse did not disclose a pregnancy when the marriage happened.
    • A spouse did not disclose a venereal disease when the marriage happened.
    • A spouse did not disclose the intention not to assume the duties of a marital relationship.
    • A spouse lied about his/her ability to have children.
    • A spouse did not disclose his/her sexually transmitted disease, addiction to drugs, or alcoholism.
    • A spouse misled the other about his/her religious beliefs.
    • A spouse lied about being single.
  • Physical incapacity of either spouse.
  • Mental incapacity of either spouse.
  • One of the spouses was under 16 years old when the marriage occurred.
  • Parental consent was lacking when the marriage happened. (Applicable if one spouse was underage at the time of the union.)
  • The marriage was obtained through force or duress.
  • One of the spouses was married to another living spouse when the marriage occurred.
  • Consanguinity between the spouses. Examples of this are:
    • Marriage between a parent and a child or stepchild
    • Marriage between a grandparent and a grandchild
    • Marriage between an aunt and a nephew
    • Marriage between an uncle and a niece

If you are certain that any of the abovementioned circumstances are involved in your marriage, you can file for an annulment. However, under the law of Georgia, an annulment can only be obtained by spouses who have no children. If this isn’t the case in your marriage, divorce is your only choice to put an end to it.

Our annulment attorneys in Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C. are always ready to accommodate your legal concerns. If you want to proceed in an annulment case, or you want to clarify something about the legality of the whole process, do not hesitate to talk to our best annulment attorneys now.

Legal Requirements and Procedure

Compared to other states, Georgia has a much stricter set of standards when it comes to annulment. The following are the laws associated with annulment that every couple should abide with:

  • If a child was born into a marriage, divorce should be filed instead of annulment. This should be followed even you were fraudulently induced into the marriage.
  • If it is in your child’s best interests that you and your spouse will cohabitate, the annulment will not be granted.
  • To file for an annulment, you or your spouse must have lived in Georgia for at least six consecutive months.
  • Filing for annulment should be done in the superior court nearest to where you live.
  • You must pay for the filing fees for each required form.
  • You should get the annulment forms served to your spouse.
  • You should attend a scheduled court hearing.

With all the legalities you need to adhere to, it is highly recommended for you to hire an expert annulment attorney. This will not just save you the trouble of doing everything yourself. You will also be assured that you will be legally represented in a way that the results will be exactly how you want it to be.

Effects of Annulment

North Metro Annulment Attorneys heart 529607 1920 300x200An annulment—once granted to you and your spouse—will effectively invalidate your marriage. It will be as if that union never happened at all. In North Metro, GA, it has the same effect as divorce; both you and your spouse will become single and can remarry.

Once annulled, you and your former spouse will regain your status as unmarried or never-married. Consequently, both of you will have no property and inheritance rights. Both of you will also have no claim for any spousal support whatsoever, making alimony not a part of your annulment grant.

However, to place you and your former spouse back into your positions prior to the marriage, the court may partition or determine some property rights. This means that Georgia courts can fairly divide your joint property and debts. Also, the court has the discretion to require the wealthier spouse to pay for the poorer spouse’s attorney fees in order to proceed with the litigation case.

The whole process can—and probably will—get exhausting after some time, financially, mentally, and emotionally speaking. Get yourself an annulment attorney and ease the process without having to worry about every little thing in order to win your case.

Benefits of Working With a Georgia Annulment Attorney

Working with a skilled and experienced annulment attorney will give you not just one, but a lot of benefits. Hiring one will probably be one of the best decisions that you’ll make during the whole annulment process.

An expert Georgia annulment attorney can provide the following benefits:

  • A company during this stressful time
  • Cuts on unnecessary expenses
  • Protection for your rights
  • Objective advice
  • Attainment of fairer settlement
  • Acquisition of fairer custody order
  • Mental support
  • Opportunity to skip going to court
  • Minimal stress
  • Legal advantage
  • Quick filing of your case
  • Proper completion of the process
  • Better negotiations
  • Minimal invested time
  • Fairer support orders
  • Knowledge of the procedures
  • Familiarity with the judge’s and courtroom personnel’s inclination
  • Effectivity in Georgia courts

Whether you want to file for an annulment or contest the action already filed in court, hiring a good annulment attorney is crucial. You want to utilize every advantage you can have. Missing a skilled legal representative will make that impossible.

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In Vayman & Teitelbaum, P.C., our annulment attorneys have built their expertise up from the extensive experience they have in representing clients for various court battles. In light of these experiences, you can expect quality advice on how to best maneuver around your case.

Hiring our knowledgable North Metro annulment attorneys will enable you to focus on other necessities. At the same time, we work on building your case and making sure your interests are well taken care of.

We can promise a smooth flow of the annulment process. Handling the necessary information to be presented in court will be our concern, effectively lifting some stress off your shoulders. We will always be beside you, guiding you through acquiring and filling the necessary forms provided by the court.

Working with our expert attorneys will save you time and secure protection for your rights. We are always looking forward to providing our clients with the best legal service here in North Metro,GA, available to answer your every question and ready to represent you in any courtroom.

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Georgia Family Law AttorneysBeing involved in an annulment process can both be overwhelming and confusing. For any legal concerns in need of an expert and efficient solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Ending a relationship can be difficult. Legally doing it can be way more complicated. Yet you don’t have to drown yourself in all the stress; we are here to help. You take care of the emotional damages; we handle the legal actions.

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